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Molybdenum boats are made after processing molybdenum plates with cutting, folding, riveting and welding. The boat shapes can be molded according to customers’ requirements, including round, rectangular, square, and trapezoidal and so on. Molybdenum boats own properties of source material–pure molybdenum, or molybdenum alloy.

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Molybdenum evaporation boats have an extremely high melting point combined with low vapor pressures and evaporates very slowly and is highly corrosive resistant. Molybdenum’s low vapor pressure makes sure no Molybdenum enters the vapor or contaminates the evaporation materials during this process.

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About Molybdenum Boats. American Elements specializes in supplying Molybdenum Boats with a variety of dimensions including round, in numerous standard diameters and wall thicknesses. Custom configurations are available. Materials include most metals including most transition, refractory and precious metals and other advanced materials.

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Molybdenum Boat Applications Molybdenum boats are widely used as the boat in electric light source, rare earth industry, nuclear fuel, electronic ceramics, and a high proportion of sintering industry. These are also used as carrying boats and related parts of the high-temperature furnace of machines. Molybdenum Boat Specifications

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Molybdenum boat can be used in the vacuum thermal evaporation air, the capacitor sinter, the nuclear fuel sinter, rare earth industry. It can also be used as carrying boats and related parts of high-temperature furnace of machines. Specification for molybdenum boat: Length: 50mm-1000mm, Width: 10mm-500mm,

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Combustion boats, Molybdenum.

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Molybdenum Boat. The surface of our molybdenum boats has silver-gray metallic luster and the density nearly reaches the theoretical density of 10.2g/cm 3. Through vacuum annealing, the purity is greater than 3N. We use high-purity molybdenum as raw materials. Advanced technology and special way of processing are adopted to do the surface treatment.

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