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 hydrophobic materials – new innovations
The new hydrophobic material or superhydrophobic material that was created by a team of MIT nanomaterial scientists and mechanical engineers is said to be 10,000 times more hydrophobic than current hydrophobic surfaces. MIT’s superhydrophobic materials are set to revolutionize the efficiency of fossil fuel power plants.

 hydrophobic | definition & examples (molecules & substances)
Hydrophobic materials in biology are substances that do not dissolve in water, repel water, or are themselves repelled by water molecules. Examples include greases, waxes, steroids, alkanes, and fats. Hydrophobic materials exhibit characteristics of nonpolarity, formation of micelles, and an affinity to bond to other nonpolar substances.

 explained: hydrophobic and hydrophilic | mit news ...
Materials with a special affinity for water — those it spreads across, maximizing contact — are known as hydrophilic. Those that naturally repel water, causing droplets to form, are known as hydrophobic. Both classes of materials can have a significant impact on the performance of power plants, electronics, airplane wings and desalination ...

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 know your nonwovens: hydrophobic material vs hydrophilic ...
Hydrophobic Material. This type of material resists water penetration with extremely low absorbency and high stability. Hydrophobic nonwovens are used for products that are intended to provide a dry barrier, while withstanding moisture. Some fibers, such as polyester, naturally have hydrophobic characteristics.

 hydrophobe - wikipedia
Many hydrophobic materials found in nature rely on Cassie's law and are biphasic on the submicrometer level with one component air. The lotus effect is based on this principle. Inspired by it, many functional superhydrophobic surfaces have been prepared. An example of a bionic or biomimetic superhydrophobic material in nanotechnology is nanopin ...

 (pdf) list of hydrophobic polymers and coating
Fluorocarbon polymers are unique materials in that the polymer is not "wet" by hydrophilic or hydrophobic materials. They have very low coefficients of friction and have outstanding chemical and ...

 hydrophobic materials and coatings: principles of design ...
hydrophobic materials and coatings characterised by large contact angles (>1508) and small slope angles of the surfaces and horizon at which water droplets slide from the surface. Hydrophobic and superhydrophobic materials possess a set of unique functional properties, namely, they are water-

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