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 glasurit 68-ral 9006 hs 2k cv topcoat | glasurit
Glasurit 68-RAL 9006 HS 2K CV Topcoat. Application: Pre-spray 1 thin grip coat with the finishing coat following immediately. Alternatively, apply several thin spray coats. Recoatable with itself without intermediate sanding for up to 16 hours after application of first coat. After baking + 16 hours of air drying and prior to multi-colour ...

 topcoat lines for commercial vehicles (cv) | glasurit
At the heart of Glasurit 90 Line CV PLUS are two additives. Glasurit 90-M 4 CV PLUS waterborne mixing clear and Glasurit 93-E 3 CV PLUS waterborne adjusting base ensure that 90 Line can be used on large surfaces with all its advantages, meaning that it's also available for commercial vehicle coating. With the additives, it's now easy for you to ...

 glasurit 922-139 2k cv topcoat hardener, long | glasurit
Glasurit 922-139 2K CV Topcoat Hardener, long. The 922-138 is the standard solution for the Glasurit CV top lacquer line 68. 922-136 is ideal at low temperatures and for small surfaces and is also perfectly matched to the 68 series, just like the 922-139 which ensures maximum gloss Should also be used at high temperatures and extremely large areas.

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 1k top coat cv - spraymax
1K Top coat CV. For high-quality top coat paint jobs and spot repairs on cars and motorcycles. Advantages. Easy to use; High yield; Excellent coverage thanks to high non-volatile matter content

CV TOP COAT 더보기. 5:1 타입의 속건형 색도료로 작업성이 매우 우수하며, 스프레이 작업 시 분진(dust) 발생이 적어 각종 상용차 및 광고차량 보수용으로 적합합니다.

 bt lv 351 topcoat -
Premium quality, high gloss, two-component, high solid polyurethane topcoat for commercial vehicles. Suitable for existing and newly-built commercial vehicles and trailers. The EU VOC limit for this product (product category: IIB. D) in ready-to-use form is max. 420 g/litre. The VOC content of this product in ready-to-use form is max. 420 g/litre.

 autocoat bt 100 topcoat mm -
Superior two-pack topcoat. High quality, two-pack, mixing machine based medium solid polyurethane topcoat for new work and refinishing systems of light commercial vehicles and industrial machinery. Available in a wide variety of direct gloss/solid colors, including both RAL and British Standard colors.

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