PBG begins its activities in Milan (Italy) in 1945, right after World War II, with the manufacturing of the first quartz crystals for civil use in telecommunications.
In 1975 it becomes Piezoelettrica Business General S.r.l. and moves its operations and offices to Arese, just outside Milano, where it is still based today.

The founders of PBG developed their first experience on military telecommunication systems and then transferred this knowledge to civil radio transmission and telephony. PBG had long standing and fruitful collaborations with top telecommunication industries, such as Telettra, Face Standard, GTE and Siemens, just to mention a few.
Notable also are PBG products like channel filters, divided in 24 frequencies from 60 kHz to 108 kHz, whose production continued for decades with million of samples, and NT-cut bars with flexural vibration mode and frequency from 1kHz to 60kHz.

With the evolution of the technologies, the production was diversified with several classes of products, characterized by cut angles X+5°, CT, DT, SL, AT while the frequency range went up to 100 MHz with the use of AT cuts, in 3rd and 5th harmonic.
With an increasing need for miniaturization, PBG became pioneer in cutting edge technologies such as 84kHz and 104kHz electro-mechanical filters and 8448kHz monolithic filters with two or more electrodes.

The presence of PBG in the telecommunication field lasted until the '80s, when the company decided to enter the optical market with the design and development of quartz sensors for the measurement and the control of vacuum deposits.

In order to deeply understand the behavior of sensor quartz crystals, PBG has developed a sophisticated control machine (TFC, Thin Film Controller) that allows to refine design techniques and select the most suited materials

A very fruitful network, still present today, between PBG and the key players in the optical world, such as Satis, Barberini, Essilor, Rodenstock, has brought PBG to become a worldwide leader in the field.

PBG is proud of its high-quality products, manufactured under the strict standards of the ISO 9001/2000 regulations since 1997.

Such quality standards and the innovative design of our products are proven by a constant growth in the export all over the world, which accounts approximately for 90% of our production.

Another sector of great importance for PBG is the commercialization of materials utilized in the optical and ophthalmic sector, like oxides, metals, liners and hydrophobic pills.

PBG selects only suppliers with the highest quality and reliability and strives in monitoring the quality of the materials it distributes.
Also, PBG high inventory of such materials guarantees our customers a timely supply.