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 galaxy filament - wikipedia
In physical cosmology, galaxy filaments (subtypes: supercluster complexes, galaxy walls, and galaxy sheets) are the largest known structures in the universe.

 robert rich - filaments - amazon.com music
Quite long time has passed since the last album of Robert Rich, "Nest" was released in September of 2012. However, it doesn't mean this iconic soundexplorer was ...

 3d printing temperatures & printing guidelines – filaments.ca
A guideline for settings and temperature for 3d printers with 3d printing materials in Canada

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 intermediate filament - wikipedia
Intermediate filaments (IFs) are cytoskeletal components found in the cells of vertebrate animal species, and perhaps also in other animals, fungi, plants, and ...

 home - ginni filaments
To be the preferred vendor in the area of cotton yarn, knit fabrics and garments by offering consistent quality.

 monahan filaments
We have a filament that will meet your challenge in both price and performance. Our synthetic filaments meet the strict requirements of a multitude of industries ...

 universe in a box: formation of large-scale structure
The movie stills pictured above illustrate the formation formation of clusters and large-scale filaments in the Cold Dark Matter model with dark energy.

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